The Reverb Hoodie

Exploring hertzian space through an affective wearable.

OrCa - Improving Corporate Comunication

Together with BlackBerry, we looked into how to improve casual communication patterns in an extended corporate environment

The Cubiverse

The Cubiverse is a platformer game which was build during our Play and Ludic Interaction course.

How Google sees you

An exploration of the filter bubble phenomenon and targeted content.

Kill your Facebook

Destructing Traces – a physical access to Facebook and distorted memories

Women making History

A workshop concept for the project "Woman making History" by the Museum of Malmö, Malmö Stad and the feminist activist organization „Feminist Dialogue“.


Prototyping a non-human Actor for an urban gardening community

INAC Study Abroad Portal

Service process re-design and online support platform for students going to study abroad.

The Piano Camera

The result of the Youth Sience Hackathon of re:publica 2014.

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